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How to Download Movies from TeraBox in 2024? — [Mobile & PC]

TeraBox is a cloud storage service offering 1024 GB of free space. According to an estimate, this massive amount of space can be utilized to store and save more than 2,500 movies, 300,000 images, and 6.5 million documents. Isn’t it amazing? 

The app also comes with many other features, such as automatic backups, file sharing, a user-friendly interface, and more at one spot. You can even download movies from it at up to 15-20 MB/s of downloading speed. But how is it done? Read on to learn!

Why Use TeraBox for Movie Storage?

There are many reasons for people are using this application in a large scale you need to know. Even I also use the platform to store my files.

Massive Amount of Free Storage

With 1TB of free space, TeraBox leaves most free cloud storage options behind. You can store a huge collection of movies for free.

Cross-Platform Access

TeraBox isn’t limited to be used on only one device. Instead, it offers cross-platform access. Users can access their movies from any device with an internet connection through the TeraBox web interface or mobile app.

Basic File Management

TeraBox allows you to organize your movies with folders and basic file management features. You can upload and download movies.

How to Download Movies from TeraBox on Mobile?

Let us tell you one thing! TeraBox features an easy-to-use, minimalistic interface. Anyone can interact with it without boggling their minds. Downloading movies from TeraBox is a breeze. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the TeraBox account. You can continue with Apple, Google, Facebook, or your phone number as per how you have created your account.
  • Locate the movie file you want to download. Either browse through the uploaded movies or type the movie name in the search bar to find it easily. Once you locate it, click on it and select it.
  • Start the downloading process. Once the desired movie is selected, a few more options pop up from the bottom. Click on the Download button to initiate the downloading process.

How do you download movies from TeraBox on PC?

The steps remain the same if you’re using TeraBox on a PC and want to download movies. The only thing that changes is the interface. You select the file and click on the Download button at the top of the screen instead of the bottom as on a mobile phone.

How to Locate Downloaded Files?

After downloading the files, you need to locate where these are saved on your mobile device.

On Mobile Devices

To locate downloaded files on a mobile device, go to File Manager > Download. Look for the recently downloaded files here. Match its name if you remember it. 

You must have chosen a customized download path if you don’t find your movie file here. On your mobile phone, click to open the Transfer List page. The download path in gray under Downloads is the path for the downloads.

Once you find the path, follow it to find the file there. For example, if you have downloaded the file on the same path as in the image, you would need to go to Storage > Emulated > Download > TeraBox > Download to find your file.

On PCs

If you’re on a PC, simply click on the ‘three-dot’ icon given on the top-right corner of the Chrome tab. Then, click on the Downloads option to get into the downloaded files. Find your file name and click on Show in Folder option to get to the file location. 

If you’re using macOS, go directly to the Downloads folder and find the movie file you downloaded here. It is quite straightforward to find files on macOS devices.

What Are the Requirements to Download Movies from TeraBox?

You only need the following to download movies from TeraBox:

  • TeraBox account (Free or Premium)
  • Internet connection
  • Device (Computer, Phone, Tablet)
  • Already-uploaded movie file on TeraBox


First, log in to your account using Apple, Google, Facebook, or your phone number to download movies from TeraBox. Then, find the movie you want by browsing or searching for its name. 

Once you find the movie, click on it to select it. Then, click the Download button to begin the downloading. On a PC, the Download button is at the top of the screen, while on a mobile device, it’s at the bottom; find it as per your device. 

Remember, the desired movie must have already been uploaded to your TeraBox cloud storage. Once downloaded, go to the Download folder in your File Manager on mobile to find the downloaded file or the Downloads section in your browser on a PC.

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